In the morning, I dreamed that our whole family had escaped (father, mother, and two younger sisters). The cause of the escape was because my father said that Japanese people were going to occupy. My uncle came to the house and urged a few words. When I was passing by someone else’s yard, I suddenly heard an alarm bell saying that the Japanese devils are coming. I followed my family with trepidation. They walked faster than me. I was behind and I saw someone wearing a Japanese hat saying The Chinese-speaking man, his family ignored me, and hurriedly walked forward. The bad man smirked at me and asked if this is the father’s house of Miss Shenyang University? I pretended to be crazy and said something stupid. He looked at me with a smirk as I walked into the house, and then I dared to run after my family after seeing him completely in. I asked my uncle why he was not in the car. Dad said he went to take care of his family, and I got on. I got a small broken tricycle with parents, sisters, and a few outsiders. We were picked up by people from the original Christian church. When we got off the car, everyone shuttled in the hutongs and walked through the alleys. There is a horrible empty house on the brick wall. A big heart shape is cut out. There are 3 to 4 big heart shapes. One of the heart shapes has a scary figure sculpture lying there. looked at us, it would seem is art, there is a little scary, we looked at a few arguments left, and finally to the church, there is a simple house placed a lot of tables and stools chairs, conditions are not particularly good, eat the At that time, there was only a bowl of millet porridge outside, and later it was mixed with gnocchi. I drank a bowl of millet porridge. My mother said there was a bowl of millet porridge outside. I stood up and wanted to go outside to see what happened. I only put a pot of millet porridge outside and it was a bit like lump soup. I looked up and saw several large cars filled with people and parked there. I didn’t know what was waiting for, so I went back to my mother and said outside. Looking at my dad a few steps away from me, I felt a little sad, a little worried and a little afraid that it would be painful to have a home and not being able to go back. I don’t know how long I stayed there and woke up. . . .

Interpretation of dreams: dreaming of fleeing may be too stressful at ordinary times, or you don't like real life and want to escape.

On the contrary, dreams are often reversed. Dreaming such dreams shows that your current life is very stable, but dreams are completely different from reality.

Dreaming of escape is reproduced from Dreamsmeaning Book http:///, please keep this mark, you can meet the noble people who appreciate you at work, if you are ready to make a proposal after you are fully prepared, the chances of getting recognition will be high.

The student dreamed of fleeing, indicating that his test scores were mediocre.

A man dreams that he has to go far to escape, so he should pay more attention to traffic safety.

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