In the morning, I dreamed that my entire family had escaped (my father and mother, and two younger sisters). The reason for the escape was because my father said that there was a Japanese person who wanted to occupy it. When my uncle came to the house and urged a few words, we simply took life The supplies were ready to flee, and a warning bell suddenly sounded when passing by the yard of other people's house, saying that the Japanese devil came, and I followed the family in horror. They were faster than me. I was behind, and I saw a Japanese hat saying A man speaking Chinese, his family ignored me, and hurried forward. The bad man smirked at me and asked if this was the father's house of Miss Shenyang University? I pretended to be stupid and did n’t know, He smirked as I walked into the house, and then I dared to run after his family after I saw him completely in. I asked why Uncle Wu was not in the car. Dad said he went to take care of his family. I went on We had a small broken tricycle with parents, sisters, and a few outsiders. We were picked up by the original Christian church and got out of the car. Everyone shuttled through the rice fields and walked through alleys. A little scary A large heart shape was pulled down from the brick wall above the house. There are about 3 to 4 large heart shapes. One of them contains a terrible sculpture of a human lying on it and looking at us. It seems to be art, it is a bit scary. We looked at it and left, and finally arrived at the church. It is a simple house with many tables and stools. The conditions are not particularly good. There is only one pot outside when eating . Xiaomi porridge, and then added a little noodle soup inside, I drank a bowl of millet porridge, my mother said that there is still a bowl for me to go outside, I stood up and wanted to go outside to see what happened, only to see the outside A pot of millet porridge is a bit like soup. Looking up, there are several big cars full of people parked there. I don't know what I'm waiting for. I went back to my mother and talked about the situation outside. A few steps away from my dad, I felt a little sad, a little worried, and a little afraid that the days when I could n’t return home were painful, I did n’t know how long I was there, and I woke up. . . .

Interpretation of Dreams: Dreaming about escape, you may be under too much pressure, or you don't like real life and want to escape.

On the contrary, dreams are often reversed. Dreaming like this shows that your life is stable now, but dreams are completely different from reality.

Dreaming about escape is reproduced from Zhougong Jiemeng http: ///, please keep this mark, you can meet the nobles who appreciate you in your work, if you are ready to submit a proposal later, the chance of getting approval will be high.

The students dreamed of fleeing, indicating that the test scores were average.

The man dreamed that he would go far from a flight and pay more attention to traffic safety.

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