A deposit passbook is a symbol of money. Only when you have money, you can make a deposit, and you will have a passbook. Only when you go to the bank often, will you think of the bank staff from time to time. Therefore, thinking about it day by day and dreaming at night, the bank account passbook and bank staff in the dream indicate that their wealth will increase.

Dreaming of bank deposit passbook, bank staff

Dreaming that you have more and more money and passbook funds in your bank, and watching the number of passbooks continue to rise, this symbolizes that your wealth and prestige are getting higher and higher, and you will gradually be respected by everyone.

To dream of saving money in your passbook indicates that you really want to fall in love, or desire to have sex. I hope I can safely enjoy a beautiful love or sexual relationship.

To dream of going to the bank makes the bank staff look unconscious and absent-minded, indicating that they have lost business.

To dream of paying the bank money in your dream means that you are careless in reality and cause losses, and if the bank pays you money, it means you will have a profit.

Dreaming that the house is on fire and the bankbook is burned, the married life will be harmonious and happy.

Seeking scholars dreamed that the house was on fire and the bankbook was burned. The main reason is that the test results are not good.

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