There is such a person who longs for someone who wants to live with him in the future. I want to approach him in the future.

I was very conflicted one night, mainly because I thought about my imperfections and thought that I didn't know him well. A friend of mine who knew him told me that you don't know him.

I especially hope that the dream will give me a hint, and the subconscious mind will tell him what it is like.

That night, I dreamed of him. In his dream, he was bald, and the hairless area seemed to be slightly raised. I couldn't believe it and was awakened. After waking up, I wanted to recall the content of the dream, but the dream was not clear and seemed to be very brief. I only remembered that he was bald.

At that time, I felt like a dream to tell me that he was imperfect. Is it a difference in our thinking? .

Some time ago, Meng once gave me the image of a man with atrophy of muscles and urinating and defecating everywhere. The dream reminded me of the imperfections of a person I came into contact with during that time, and everything followed instinct.

But I think that men with bald heads and muscle atrophy are different. . .

( Dreamsmeaning Book official website ) Dream interpretation : bald, hair symbolizes feelings, baldness, lack of hair, lack of emotional image, and the meaning of muscle atrophy has some discrepancies, muscle atrophy, more prominent lack of physical appearance, and bald, It highlights the lack of feelings, and at the same time, urinate and urinate anywhere, which means casual and uncontrollable emotionally or sexually.

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