What does it mean to dream of clothes being stripped

In my dream, I was walking on the road. Suddenly, many gangsters appeared from nowhere and attacked me. After they caught me, they took my clothes off. This group of people took my things from the pockets of my clothes. . (Male, 22 years old)

Dream analysis: The body is the biggest capital of a person. Clothes are the protective clothing for the body. The stripping of the clothes means that the body may be violated. Naturally, there will be no good things. For example, dreaming of being burned is a bad omen, indicating that you will conflict with others. Therefore, more attention should be paid to physical health recently.

To dream of someone stripping off their clothes also symbolizes that there will be a crisis in the economy, because clothes are a symbol of a person’s status and wealth. The pockets of clothes are also a symbol of the loss of wealth, so more attention should be paid to the economy.

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