Dreaming about laundry

I do n’t do much with the washing machine. I do n’t think the washing machine is clean sometimes. This may be the reason, and sometimes I dream of washing myself. I washed a lot of clothes myself, but I didn't feel tired in my dreams. (Female, 24 years old)

Dreamland analysis: The dream of washing clothes is a symbol of festive day. Foretelling that a festive day is coming, that is to say, happy events are about to be overtaken. Dreaming that you are doing laundry shows that you are diligent. Dreaming of sending clothes to the laundry to wash is a very good dream.

If you dream of ironing clothes, the meaning varies from person to person. If a man dreams that he is ironing clothes, it shows that you are a very responsible person, and this dream marks an unexpected increase in income or income. If a woman dreams that she is ironing her clothes, it means that you are very good at housekeeping and can organize your home in an organized way. This dream foreshadows everything in the home.

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