What does dreaming about traffic sign mean

In my sleep, I dreamed that I took an exam , and all the questions were written in the meaning of traffic signs. I am not so good at practical operation, but I am very comfortable with the traffic signs. I quickly submitted the examination papers. (Female, 23 years old)

Dream Analysis: The traffic sign in the dream is a symbol of career development. The presence of a traffic sign in your dream indicates that in your mind you have put your career on your conscious agenda. Dreaming of the traffic sign shows that your career and life are smooth. Dreaming of the sign of no traffic means that there will be a temporary stagnation in progress.

Dreaming of a zebra crossing, which is a crosswalk, shows that you want to face life with a positive attitude. Dreaming of a smooth passage through the sidewalk heralds all your wishes.

Dreaming of a red light indicates that your plan will not be implemented smoothly and you may encounter minor troubles. Dreaming of running a red light is to remind you not to be impulsive when doing things.

Dreaming of a green light shows that you want the plan to go smoothly. Men dream of green lights, indicating that your career will be smooth and successful, and everything goes well. Women dream of a green light, indicating that your life is warm and happy.

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