Last night I dreamed that I had murdered two strangers cruelly, in a hotel. At that time, my brother and I used my knife to draw a cross on the heads of the two strangers. Now, they were still sleeping together, solving, scared me. Please master dream interpretation, thank you!

Master interpretation of dreams:

Dreaming of killings is usually seen in the dreams of young men, and the scenes in the dream scenes are likely to be related to the violent film and television you have ever seen, making your dreams appear particularly real.

In fact, you do n’t have to worry too much about dreaming about killing people. Some people always doubt whether they have a violent tendency. Here I want to explain that in psychology, everyone has a potential for violent tendency. It is normal to have dreams manifested and even bloody scenes. Because in reality, we have enough sense and morality to control. But the dream of killing people always makes people feel anxious. It is recommended to change their lifestyle, see comedy movies to ease the mood, relax as much as possible before falling asleep, and improve sleep health alone.

A woman dreams that her husband is killed, the couple will be happy and happy;

Dreaming of being hurt by someone you do n’t know, you will be physically fit and prolonged;

Dreaming of murder, too many enemies;

Dream of killing the enemy, the power of the enemy will be strengthened;

Dreamed that he had killed his loved ones and could inherit the heritage;

Dreamed that someone in the family wanted to assassinate himself, and the murderer would become the heir;

Dreaming of accusing himself of homicide will make him famous.

Dreaming of killing, dreaming of killing, means great emotional pain.

Dreaming of being killed means a rival at work;

Dreaming about other people killing insects or animals means that dreamers will get help from friends;

Dreaming about killing insects or animals means that the dreamer overcomes some obstacle through his own efforts.

Dreaming of killing someone symbolizes that the dreamer is experiencing several kinds of emotional pressure;

Dreaming of being a witness to a killing scene means that some aspect of yourself will change.

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