I dreamed that my dad was fishing in a pond in the school. I told him to ignore me, and then he dropped a few fish after a while. The fish kept jumping from the bucket to the outside. My dad pressed it down. The blood of a fish, please interpret the dream, thank you!

Master dream interpretation:

"I told him to ignore me"-This sentence translates into the situation when you were sleeping at the time: you in the subconscious mind want to wake you up while you are sleeping, while you sleep soundly and ignore you in the subconscious mind. .

It stands to reason that a three-year-old child will not remember the content of the dream. Are you more than three years old?

"Dreaming about my dad fishing in a pond at school"——The reason for this dream is that you want to fish yourself. You have this desire in your brain. When you sleep, this desire becomes active, so it appears that "in school "Fishing in a pond", why is "Dad" and not you? Because your subconscious knows "You are sleeping", who is fishing? The brain looks for characters in your memory, and finally finds "Dad".

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