Yesterday, I dreamed that my sister’s two friends were going to do business with her. She didn’t do it, so she introduced me to do business with her two friends. Later, the three of us opened a sweets water store. Mom also gave them a TV set and said how to partner with the boy. . . What. Later we were chased by wolves, and we ran to the tree. I fell down again and was chased by wolves and had no time to talk to my colleagues

( Dreamsmeaning Book official website ) Dream interpretation: I opened a sweets water store with two friends of my younger sister. My younger sister is a woman who has a close relationship with me. The sweets shop means to enjoy a romantic life. Opening a store with my two friends reflects that you want to have the opposite sex you like For the desire to associate with oneself, my mother sent a TV set, which means self-examination. My mother can refer to the inner mother in her heart, acting as an example and restraint. At the same time, mother is also another kind of relationship with herself. Closer women here reflect your conflict in the choice of emotional mode. The image of a wolf is a part of your heart that is suppressed by consciousness. This part of your personality or concept makes you feel like a wolf, and you have no time to be chased by the wolf. Talking to a colleague means that this kind of conflict has secretly affected your interactions with people. Going to the tree, the tree, here can be understood as a man who can support you in life, or the environment where such a man is. In such an environment, you feel protected like a child, but evasion is not the solution to the problem, after all, you have to face it.

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