Q: What did it mean to dream about killing yourself last night ?

Gender: Female, Age: 32, Married with one son

What is the relationship between dream emotions, dream roles, and reality:

The dream seems to be the anti-Japanese war , we are surrounded by some of the rooms (like classrooms), which has Japan devils, out there, then one of them to run, I chase, shouting also not allowed to run that kind of thing, he Still running, I fired (it was the kind with a bayonet). The first shot seemed to have no bolt, and it didn't go off. After I pulled the bolt, I shot again. It sent out a stone, and I complained. Why don't others have bullets, others say they didn't expect the enemy to resist. I threw a gun to chase it, and turned over from the wall. The two were like hide-and-seek, attacking each other with stones and clods. Finally, I caught him, "clicked" and twisted his neck, but Didn't see the blood ...

Another scene is that we go to a granary guarded by the Japanese soldiers, where the two people who are actually guarding the door of the granary are already our own. We hurriedly loaded the grain in the past, and a bunch of Japanese people ran out from the side. We were killed a few times by our ping pong ping pong, and then pulled away with the food, but we didn't see the blood ...

What's special in recent life:

Son is sick

A little busy and a little stressful

( Zhou Gongjie dream official website ) Answer:

This dream means that you need to release some energy, vent your emotions, a dream caused by stress

Japanese devils in this dream symbolize the challenges you have to face and troubles

There is also a test of your own ability. The process of dealing with Japanese devils is a process of solving various difficulties invading your living space. You hope that everything is good

Grabbing food represents a sense of security and harvest

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