Housework is just a general overview. Housework actually includes a lot of things, such as cleaning, cleaning the floor, washing clothes, cooking, and cooking ... Doing housework in the dream contains many meanings, different housework , Represents a different meaning.

Dreaming of cleaning, interpersonal relationships will be unsatisfactory. May be sitting with classmates who can't come together in class, you must try to get in touch with them, otherwise you will be sad every day.

Dream of washing clothes, there will be happy incidents. For example, while the bookcase was being sorted out, the love letter that had long been forgotten in the pages of the book fell away, and so on ... this kind of thing is really worth the joy.

Dreaming about changing the furnishings in the room, there will be problems in love. Heterosexual relationships that have always been secret will be made public, creating all sorts of unfavorable things. At this time, it is better not to argue, and simply admit it as the best policy.

Dreaming of getting a small bounty for helping with the housework shows that the relationship with the family is very good. At this time, you can retreat from your father and "deceive" to get more pocket money.

Dreaming of cooking dishes, love is rising. Originally, I only had a little affection for a certain opposite sex. This relationship will soon develop into love, and your emotional ups and downs will increase accordingly.

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