Explanation of Dreamsmeaning Book about "Dream about home, house, house":

Dreaming about the house leaking rain is a symbol of improving wealth. If you use a container to pick it up in a leaking place, it would be better if you can hold your wealth better.

A woman dreams that her home is stolen , which means that because the woman's money comes from her husband, it means that the couple will divorce.

Dreaming of a house collapsed may be due to a strong wind or rain or an earthquake . It means that your body is very unhealthy and you should pay attention to recuperating.

Dreaming that the house was stolen means that it means losing money.

To dream of moving to a new house and the house looks new, it means that you will make a group of very good new friends, which will help you a lot, and the relationship between friends will become closer and closer.

Dreaming that his family was killed, it means that the family wants to increase the population.

Dreaming that the flood washes away the house is a precursor to a dispute with your family. The spark may erupt between your parents. At this time, you should put away your waywardness and find ways to persuade you to resolve it.

Dreaming that your home was washed down by a flood indicates that there may be disputes between family members. The cause may be something between your parents. At this time, it is best to suppress your past willfulness a little and try to communicate the feelings of your parents.

Dreaming of a fire in your home or store indicates that you will have a loving partner, as well as obedient children and diehard friends. If you dream of a fire in a store, stand and watch the fire yourself, it means that you will have a sprint in your work and career, and you will get rich harvests from it.

The king or national leader dreamed of the old castle, indicating that the scope of his rule would expand.

Dreaming that a strong wind blows down the house is a hint of an emergency, especially if you may suffer from a serious illness, and you should be careful not to act aggressively.

To dream that the whole family will visit relatives together, which means that the friendship fortune is better. There will be an elder who is particularly concerned about you. As long as you are frank, it will definitely help you.

To dream of a thief entering the house and looting indiscriminately means that your home will be in disaster. If the thief steals the money, it means that your recent fortune is bad and you may lose a lot of money.

Dreaming that the house is swaying in the wind means that someone in your family may be sick. Although the illness is not very serious, it may spend some of the savings in your home to be completely cured.

Dreaming of competing with others for a house is a bad omen, suggesting that you may lose your place to live, maybe because the business has lost money, or maybe you are about to start living a life of displacement.

To dream of a tortoise crawling into the house is a symbol of longevity and stability. This is a super lucky dream and a sign of a better economy and life. It means that you will have a large amount of property income or that your position will be promoted. , Power and wealth have both.

Dreaming of eating with your family means that your recent income will be filled with one after another. But be careful not to buy things impulsively and waste your hard money.

Dreaming about the corpse of the family member implies that someone in the family may be sick or the family relationship is not harmonious; for men and women in love, dreaming of the corpse of the family member means that the other party is not sincere.

Dreaming of the door opening at home is an auspicious dream. If the door opens by yourself, it implies that you want to cultivate the feelings of the couple. If the door is opened and there are people coming and going in the house, it means that someone in the house will be promoted.

Dreaming of the door in your home means that you will nurture a very talented person in your home, who will make your neighbors envious. If the door is very broken, it means that there may be changes in the home.

Dreaming that the house is hit by thunder means that what you are looking forward to may not come true, and many unpleasant things will happen, such as a friend's failure to come, or the money lent to a friend will not be repaid.

Dreaming that there is no one in the house and being deserted, it means that someone at home may be sick, or that someone is seriously ill and must go to the hospital. Pay special attention to your health.

Dreaming of selling a house implies that someone with an identity and background may be playing tricks on you. Not only will it make your work unsuccessful, it may also make you lose your job.

Dreaming of a fairy entering your home means that your family is very worried about your career, and you can get promoted smoothly at work, your family can also be satisfied with you, and your family is peaceful.

Dreaming of cleaning the house indicates that there is a possibility of an accident. He was attacked by a dog and bit on his butt for a day; or when he was near the construction site, an iron bucket filled with cement fell from it. In short, be careful.

Dreaming of potholes in front of your house, muddy and uneven, this is to imply that the things you planned recently are not good, and even if you implement them, they will not succeed.

To dream of a cow coming into your home, or a cow walking into your home by yourself, means that you can get rich by hard work and hard work, and your family is prosperous. This is a good omen dream.

Dreaming of lightning hitting the house indicates that what you expect is likely to fail. The agreed date, the other party did not come; the money lent to a friend, whether to come back and so on. There may be many unpleasant things.

Dreaming about the vegetation growing in the house means that you may encounter bad luck, causing your family to fall into disrepair; if pine and cypress grow out, it means that your parents will live a long and healthy life, and it can also help you a lot.

To dream that the door in your home is closed means that things will not go smoothly. If the furnishings in the home in the dream are still messy and full of clutter, then things will be even more ups and downs.

Dreaming of a group of dogs fighting and making terrible roars indicates that you may have conflicts in the near future. You must pay attention to your words and deeds, speak carefully, avoid conflicts, and be careful to cause trouble that shouldn't be caused. It won't be fishy.

Dream fire burned his home, became very wealthy express it in the physical. The things you want may be available within a few days, but these things are definitely not money.

Dreaming of visiting the teacher’s house in your dream is a good sign for the test transfer. It means that your confidence in this test is greatly increased, your review is also very solid, and your results will be satisfactory.

Dreaming of having dinner with family members at home indicates that money fortune is increasing. It can be expected that the income will continue to increase, and there is more than enough in the pocket. However, be careful not to buy useless things on impulse.

Dreaming of being a monk means seeing through the world, and it means having an insight into things in the world, which is a kind of wisdom.

To dream that a deer is at home, or a deer comes into your home, will bring unexpected surprises to your family, indicating that your job will be promoted soon, which is really gratifying.

Dreaming of furnishings means good luck.

A woman urinates in her own toilet , indicating that she will be an excellent housewife.

Dreaming of rain leaking from the ceiling means that attention must be paid to the health of the digestive system. Beware of overeating, which may cause indigestion; or enteritis from eating leftover food in the refrigerator.

To dream of driving a friend out of the house indicates that life will encounter misfortune.

Dreaming of restaurants and bars (lotto numbers), the number represented is "09" or "19" <<Lotto numbers are for reference only>>

A capitalist or a wealthy person dreams of doing asceticism, which means that their income will suddenly drop sharply and they may leave their hometown.

To dream of becoming a monk or a monk indicates that you feel painful about the current situation of life, and feel afraid of complicated human feelings. You are exhausted physically and mentally and want to escape from real life. It is recommended that you can take a rest and go out for a vacation. So calmed down.

The staff dreamed of listening to a singer singing, indicating that it was an ominous sign and would hear unfortunate news.

Dream of an artist (lotto number), the number represented is "18" <<Lotto number is for reference only>>

A married man dreams of leaving home for a pilgrimage indicates that he will encounter various worries and difficulties.

To dream of being invited to a party at a friend’s house indicates that your behavioral fortune is on the decline. Because your words and deeds are too rash, you may make a fool of yourself. Other embarrassing things may happen, so be especially cautious.

A woman dreams of talking with a monk, indicating that the husband’s family can get along with each other and live a happy life.

To dream of a teacher's visit at home indicates that the fortune of interpersonal relationships is declining. There is a disputed star above your head. Pay attention to your words and deeds to prevent disputes. Don't be irritable.

The housewife dreamed of pancakes, indicating that the crops in the field would have a good harvest.

To dream of ants running around on top of one’s head or at home indicates that the dreamer is a farmer.

A married woman dreamed of holding a domestic mouse in her hand , indicating that she would have a child .

To dream of getting a small bounty for helping with housework means that the relationship with your family is very harmonious. At this time, you can withdraw from your father and "cheat" to get more pocket money.

To dream of being reborn in a noble person’s home means that you still cannot get rid of fame and fortune, and you cannot treat fame and fortune in a correct way. The more you want, the less you will get, and you will suffer from poverty in real life.

To dream of an iron rooster giving money to your home indicates that you will be stolen.

Dreaming of attending a concert held at the enemy’s house indicates that you will be deceived by your friends.

The person who left home dreamed of the forest, indicating that he could return soon.

Entrepreneurs dream of making confession, indicating that they will be forced to sell goods at a lower price, and make little profit.

Dreaming of an accident at home means that you are worried about your family.

Dreaming of new furniture means that you will go to a distant country to do business.

A woman dreams of becoming a monk means that she can become a good helper to her husband and help her husband’s career development, not only to be richer, but also to be more long-term.

A married woman dreamed of a jackal breaking into her home, indicating that she would give birth to a yin and yang child or a debilitating offspring.

A man dreams of a female monk indicates that countless disasters are imminent.

The old man dreamed that he was young, indicating that he would pass away soon.

Dreaming of paintings of monks indicates that life is rich and comfortable.

Dreaming of changing the furniture in the seller indicates that the couple will be emotionally disagreeable.

Unmarried men and women dream of being a monk, indicating that they can get a happy marriage.

The old man dreamed of going abroad, indicating that he would pass away.

A man dreams of becoming a monk indicates that he will get rid of the troubles of family conflicts and live a happy life.

Dreaming of auctioning other people's furniture indicates that it is a sign of hatred of the rich.

To dream of painting for a painter indicates that your income will increase.

Too little to dream of quarrels with female monks, indicating that it is a bad omen and that relatives will be humiliated.

Dreaming of messy furniture means that your wife is going to be sick.

Dreaming of non-furnished furniture indicates that you will suffer losses.

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