Dream description: I dreamt of marrying a wife.

Dream interpretation: getting married in a dream symbolizes a certain kind of cooperation.

I dreamed that two colleagues in our unit were going to get married. I felt very puzzled. How could their two men who have a family get married? At this time, someone said to me: hurry up and move , there is no place for you.

This is the dream of a corporate employee. Through Lenovo, one of the two colleagues represents the CEO of their company and the other represents the CEO of another company. The two companies are discussing mergers. Marriage is also called marriage. In dreams, it can symbolize union, not necessarily a union of two people, but also a union of two groups, because marriage is not a problem of two people, but a problem of the union of two families. In ancient times, the marriage of an emperor’s daughter was even the issue of the union of two countries. In fact, they can be united without getting married. Married may also break the unity for profit reasons. However, marriage brings people a sense of stability, harmony, and eternity. This is why people are unwilling to give up realizing this symbolic meaning. Although marriage is not really used as a symbol of marriage to achieve union in modern times, the idea of ​​corporate marriage is well known, so there will be two people who are unlikely to get married. The person who speaks to him is his inner worry. He is afraid of the impact of changes in the company on his career, leaving him no place for him.

Marriage in the dream also symbolizes the restraint of responsibility.

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