According to analysis and experience, dreaming of an earthquake indicates that you are under heavy psychological pressure, mental tension, and an urgent need for a good way of relief. At the same time, it also indicates that you can find a good way of relief soon, and you can get new enlightenment and new inspiration. The adjustment of the spirit will correct one's obvious shortcomings in the future and change the way to a new life.

From a psychological point of view, an earthquake may also imply that the living environment surrounding you will be produced in a completely different new situation in the past, because of the ups and downs of emotions.

If the house does not collapse, it is a good sign, it represents a solid foundation, and has little effect.

Dreaming about an earthquake means that your kidneys are not good. The seven emotions and six desires are closely related to people’s internal organs. When dreaming, they often dream of terrible and horrible things, and wake up in cold sweats, and it often means that your kidneys have already been. Warn you to change it to make up for the fear of hurting the kidneys, joy of sadness

From the perspective of psychological analysis:

1. Dreaming of an earthquake is your fear. You have something to hide from others, or you have done bad things.

2. To dream of an earthquake is a drastic change, an emergency, and you have a strong desire to get it.

3. Or you are worried about losing.

Fourth, there may be major changes in life.

The earthquake caused everything from high places to fall to the ground, symbolizing that everything had returned to its original position, and was often extended as an academic achievement. There is a solid foundation that is not artificially piled up to be considered a real result.

Scholars and experts dream of an earthquake and they will become world-famous because of their academic achievements.

For most people, dreaming of an earthquake means that they have found the focus of their lives, and can start their lives firmly and fearlessly.

At the same time, an earthquake is also a disaster. To dream of a disaster is an auspicious sign of happiness.

To dream of your own misfortune is a good sign.

To dream of others suffering misfortune, relatives and friends will be lucky.

Dreamsmeaning Book dreams that his wife or child encounters a disaster, he will cause great trouble to himself.

The patient dreamed that he had become a victim of the disaster, and soon his body would recover.

An army general dreamed that he had suffered misfortune, that he could defeat the enemy and achieve victory.

But dreamed that after the earthquake, the house collapsed , quarrels would occur at home, family members fell ill, and there was no peace all day long.

To dream of watching an earthquake for a long time will improve your career or business.

A university teacher dreams of an earthquake will be world-famous because of the outstanding results.

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