Recently I have dreamed of many familiar people. Colleagues and friends were chased by Li Gui. The places in my dreams are the old houses that I used to play as a kid. Li Gui is very cruel, a stranger is half eaten by a ghost. I didn't see the process, all of them were reported by my dream friend. He looks like a ghost, wears heavy makeup, and smiles at us. Then we ran away and ran to the old house again, selling dishes in the store, and the ghost was here again. And the dishes are all like that ghost. I haven't seen anything like this recently.

( Zhou Gong's official website for interpreting dreams ) Dream interpretation: In reality, our consciousness often suppresses some desires, ideas, or personality elements that we are unwilling to face in the subconscious subconscious, which usually causes dreams pursued by various terrible images. The place is The old house when you were a kid can be understood as the emotions you are currently experiencing in the real world remind you of it when you were a kid, the old house can be understood as a past state of mind, the kind of carefree when you are young State, at the same time, here is where Li Gui appears, suggesting that the formation of this Li Gui is related to the mental state you remember. What is the relationship? Analyzing from the appearance of ghosts, it is very cruel and reflects this part of your heart. The degree of depression is very deep. One half of a hungry ghost can be understood as an image of hunger that has not received the attention and care of your consciousness for a long time. On the other hand, hunger can also be understood as The strong demand for emotional life, and the use of heavy makeup, also have the same meaning. The deep feeling in your heart is suppressed and needs to be released. This part of the mind will cause you some annoyance, and you want to be as carefree as in the old house when you were young, so suppress this part, and at the same time, it is likely that some experience in the old house prompted you to complete At this early stage of inner activity, buying a dish can be understood as living at home, and if you feel that this part of your depression is released, it will affect your normal life. Escaping is not a method, you need to face it. You can ask yourself what you want and ignore, if you consider the conflict in your consciousness, the ghost in your dream will disappear.

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