My boyfriend is 21 years old (I asked you to count it before, this time it is my boyfriend), he dreamed that his teeth hurt (in reality, he did have toothache, which affected his life and work) and then I was in Around him. I said that I came to help him with the operation, and I picked up the scissors and hammer and rushed over to wake him up.

He usually does many scenes with different contents but similar dreams.

He and I haven't seen each other for 4 months, he described it like this. He said that every time he dreamed, he would dream about me.

Dreaming about my content, it's almost like I've been bullying him, or I'm terrible.

For example, he dreamed that when I went to Antarctica with him, and then he was wearing thick clothes and felt cold, but I was wearing a bikini and asked if I was cold, and I said it was not cold.

And he dreamed that I would cross the road with him, and then a car came across. He was afraid to die.

Suddenly I rushed to him and kicked the car. He was stunned and said, "My wife is terrific." I said, "This is nothing" and left with his hand in hand. . .

In real life, there are certain aspects in which I am better than him. I don't know what his dreams, subconsciously want to express.

Thank you for your help ~

( Zhou Gongjie Dreams official website ) Xiemeng said: Toothache can be understood as something that should have been sturdy, or it has been threatened, and you have doubts about yourself. What is the reason? You pick up the scissors and hammer and rush over Scissor hammers are powerful symbols. In his heart, some of your actions or ideas are very tough. When facing him, some things that might have been good for him made him feel threatened. Going to Antarctica can be understood as a relatively isolated corner in his heart. Wearing a lot of clothes means that in this corner, he needs warmth and needs protection. When you appear here, it means that he wants you to bring you to his heart. The deep place, meanwhile, can also be understood as that in the relationship between two people, he hopes that you can deeply understand his feelings and understand each other more, but you wear a bikini that is not suitable for the environment, indicating his feelings The image you get is not what he thinks it should be. Although you are enthusiastic and willing to show your self in front of him and reflect a certain degree of trust, it is not consistent with his feelings, giving him discomfort, Sense of distance. Crossing the road, here can represent a transition, he is transitioning from one state of his mind to another more mature state, related to your relationship, in this transition process, you helped him clear some obstacles or Dangerous, but you seem a bit too strong, this kind of tough care also gives him a sense of distance. Care is of course a sign of love, but at the same time, in the relationship, we also need to work hard to understand each other's feelings.

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