Dream description: Hello Master. I had a dream about this morning or so today. In the dream, I went to the hospital to check for gynecological diseases, but the doctor said that I was pregnant and had 2 embryos, one was 8 weeks old, and the other was just over 1 week ago. I was shocked. impossible? I can't have this child in my dream, it is very painful. In short, I slept very hard all night. After waking up in the morning, I felt very real about this dream and was scared. Please help me see what is going on? I am a girl and I am 24 years old.

The only thing I can think of related to this dream is: a colleague of mine told me a thing the day before, saying that in a small town in the south, a girl sells department stores at home because she was bitten by a mouse Passed sanitary napkins, which led to pregnancy, and there were many rats in the stomach. By the time of the hospital examination, those rats had teeth, and they could bite the girl's internal organs at any time.

Analysis of dreams : In fact, dreaming about pregnancy is a good sign. The doctor said that it has been a while. It means that good luck has been around you for a while. You will gradually find out, but you do n’t want children later . In fact, the main reason is that you listen For your friend's story, you should have a scientific outlook on development and don't believe in crooked things. This means that you are afraid that children will become mice, so you will take good luck as bad luck, and don't judge so blindly.

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