What does it mean to dream about handcuffs

I dreamed that my hands were handcuffed, and I couldn't get rid of it no matter what. My heart was in terrible pain, and tears flowed out of my eyes. At this time, a good friend of mine came to see me, and when she saw her coming, I burst into tears and woke up from crying. (Female, 25 years old)

Dream analysis: The handcuffs in the dream are a symbol of difficulty and suspicion. The appearance of handcuffs in your dream is a manifestation of excessive stress in your heart. Dreaming of yourself being handcuffed indicates that you have more difficulties in front of you, but you can finally get out of your troubles; dreaming of others being handcuffed indicates that your suspicion of your friends is wrong and that you should trust a sincere friend.

If you dream of fetters, it means obstacles or keeping your own view.

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