Question: What does it mean to dream of a dead person for two consecutive days ?

I killed it on the first day, using scissors, several, four or five, because of quarrels, sweat

The next day I dreamed that when I was digging the foundation on the construction site, four or five people died. I didn’t see how they died, but I saw the dead buried in a deeper foundation. Their relatives were beside the corpse . Weeping, and then the body was buried in soil or water

I’m a MM, and I’ve never seen a construction site recently. I work in a public institution and seem to have nothing to do with the content of my dreams, so it’s strange. I’m scared when I wake up from a dream, and I remember it clearly. Could you please answer me? Thank you

( Dreamsmeaning Book official website )answer:

Dream one, kill with scissors , because of the quarrel, it shows that you have contradictory thoughts in your heart, and you want to cut out some messy negative thoughts

Dream two, the construction site usually represents a new plan or construction in life

The corpse in the foundation usually represents the forgotten past, but it has been unearthed, causing emotional fluctuations

Those relatives symbolize your own subconscious perceptual thoughts

Are you afraid that this potential mental activity will affect the state of reality

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