Dream interpretation related to the fire burning

Dream fire burn itself, will endure hunger.

Looking for workers dreaming of burns, foreboding job interviews, and general luck, internal appointments often determine the final result more than fair and surface competition, and it is more appropriate to relax the mindset.

Dreaming of being burned by fire: Dreaming of being burned to death to make a fortune, wealth makes people lose their sense of reason, so there is an idiom called Li Lingzhi faint, similar to the state of fever nonsense. So in the dream, being burned to death by fire meant huge wealth. Fire is the main money, and money is like fire. It is necessary for people's life, but at the same time it is very destructive. In the dream, the two are equated.

Dreaming of being burned by fire usually means that the dreamer can get wealth, but it also reminds the dreamer that while getting wealth, he should try his best to maintain his mentality, not to make radical changes in emotions, which is not good for himself. It can even cause irreparability. Another point is about the health of the body. Is it true that your body is really on fire? If you make yourself extremely uncomfortable in your dreams, you will feel like being burned.

I ca n’t jump out of the fire when I dream of burning it. If you feel dry and dry after waking up, it means that your yang is too strong, your heart is upset, and your mood is upset. It is best to go to a Chinese doctor Let me help you.

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