All dreams are collages of real life. This is the subconscious mind. The appearance of this kind of dream is likely to be reproduced from the Dreamsmeaning Book http:///. Please keep this mark to love your family or each other, and Fear of having an affair and destroying family harmony; you may also have encountered this kind of thing in your life (happened to someone else). It is necessary to increase communication with each other in the future life and reveal the inner answer of the dreamer.

Dream description: Last night I dreamed that my ex-boyfriend was kissing another girl. The girl was very enthusiastic but the ex-boyfriend was not very active. I broke up with him for two months. Is there any sign of this dream?

Netizens have the best dream interpretation: because you broke up, your heart hurts and you can’t let go. You dreamed about him kissing another girl. On the one hand, you were worried that he would really find another one, but after all, you have already divided, and he will find it normal again. On the other hand, if you dream that he is not very active, it is actually your inner world's thoughts. Even if he finds it, you still hope that he still likes you in his heart and can't let go of you, so that your mood will be better. This is caused by your stress, try to start, hope you can be happy. People will always experience loss of love, so that they can find a more suitable lover for you.

Dream description: I dreamed of my boyfriend kissing another woman last night and accused me of being inferior to others. Thinking about yesterday’s dream, I still feel terrible.

Yesterday, I dreamed of traveling with my boyfriend. During the trip, a female group member broke up with her boyfriend during the trip. My boyfriend went to persuade her.

Then on the second day of the dream, my boyfriend and her were in the right place. They were intimate, and they would kiss deeply like no one from time to time. At first I deliberately did not manage money, but they became more and more blatant, which made my colleague. I couldn’t see it anymore, and I reasoned with him, but he actually yelled at me in front of the vixen, and said that although he was only with the vixen for a few days, he felt much better than being with me for two years. . In my dream, I was so angry that I woke up with a grunt.

I don’t know what this means. I did not travel some time ago, but the unit organized and did not bring family members.

thank you all!

I don’t know what the second floor means. What do the signs mean?

On the other floor, I don’t have much confidence in myself, but I don’t worry about him dumping me. I still have that confidence.

Also, my boyfriend and I seldom kiss. Maybe it’s because I reject this. I also wondered if he had other women outside, but he lives at home and get off work at two o’clock and one line every day, and he is on time when he gets off work. Go home. So I really can't think of it.

When I was humming last night, my boyfriend patted me gently and said don't be afraid, and then hugged me.

But I am particularly afraid of dreams, even though I know it is a dream.

I had a quarrel with my boyfriend today.

Netizens have the best dream interpretation: This shows that you are not confident and afraid of being thrown off by him.

Haha, whether it’s the boyfriend I loved before or the boyfriend who loves me now,

I have had this kind of dream,

Wake up to be glad that such a thing did not happen.

After all,

It’s because of your lack of self-confidence,

Do you think he might get rid of you if someone else appears next to him,

Although maybe you said he wouldn’t,

But deep down,

You still have a sense of fear and uncertainty about the future.

The solution is to become confident,

Believing that he is the best in his eyes,

I believe you will always be together!

Dreamsmeaning Book describes in detail what the dream omens of dreaming about kissing your boyfriend, dreaming of being kissed by others, and dreaming about kissing with someone you like each mean: the kiss in the dream represents the resolution of contradictions. Kisses represent the beautiful feelings between people and love, and kisses are the best weapon to resolve all conflicts.

1. Dreaming about kissing with her boyfriend: Dreaming of kissing her boyfriend means that the conflicts and disputes between both parties will end, the relationship will be deeper, and the relationship will soon be united.

2. Dreaming of being kissed by someone: dreaming of being kissed by a man forcibly. A forced kiss is a forced kiss when others are unwilling. For girls, this is a violent act. The strong kiss in the dream is a symbol of the desire to be loved.

3. Dreaming of kissing the person you like: Dreaming of kissing your lover indicates that the dreamer will have sexual troubles.

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