The high school entrance examination in reality is passed. I didn't do well in math. I originally thought I did well. After waiting for more than half a month, I felt like I didn't do well. But I dreamed of passing the entrance exam last night. You know, the middle school entrance examination is to take physical education, experiment (hands-on) and written examination.

In the original laboratory test , we took chemistry and physics. But in my dreams, my test was actually an experimental test, such as ... jumping horses, push-ups, glutinous rice, red dates, bacon dumplings, playing mahjong, etc ... 囧.

俺 Dreamed until 俺 unfortunately pumped ... playing mahjong ... twitching. Then I went to the exam ~ As a result ... I didn't notice the exam time ... I was late ... uh ... I know I am a punctual baby.

I still remember that at that time, our high school entrance examination was started at 9 o'clock, and we could n’t take the exam after a quarter of an hour, but it was 8 o'clock in the dream. I dreamed in my dream that I was still very close to eight Stayed in bed. I dreamed that the teacher at the exam room I was going to was very good. He was a man. He looked at me with a smile and said, "It's okay to be late, come in."

I went in obediently. But there seem to be no shortage of three ... so I found a place to sit down. My table accidentally didn't play mahjong ... but I read a book. There was a pair of students behind him, and there was a student behind the same table. None of them played. Mahjong reads a book instead. He looked at me with a smile and was very friendly. He is not very handsome, very ordinary, and very thin. Well, what is it called? Shengquan. Hmm ... I remember I sprayed in a dream. Because the abbot of Yingjiang Temple , the temple in our city, is the Holy Master ...

I don't know what my dream is about. I hope everyone can help me, if there is a friend who understands dreams, it is even better! Thanks!

( Zhou Gongjie dream www.zgJm.org ) Dream interpretation : test jumping pommel horse, push-ups, glutinous rice, red dates and bacon dumplings, playing mahjong, all of which symbolize the emotional test, saddle horse and push-ups focus more on the body, Glutinous rice, red dates, bacon dumplings, and mahjong are more focused on emotional communication. Being late means that you feel that you are a bit late in this area compared to the people around you. You are still lying in bed when the time is up, meaning that later than The reason for others is that you still have a feeling of attachment to your earlier psychological state, and you are still in this early hotbed. The male teacher in the exam room has both the father and peers of the opposite sex. It not only gives you guidance and help in growth. As the opposite sex is your "examiner" in this area, there is no lack of three, which means that you have not found a suitable seat, the right person, so that you have the opportunity to experience the test of this relationship, so sit Reading on the side and continuing to study, the image at the same table is the image of the opposite sex around you in your heart, but also the meaning of having the opportunity to communicate with the opposite sex, the abbot of the temple The temple symbolizes a temple that will be entered in the life stage, a more mature state, the abbot is sacred and respectable, and at the same time a monk, that is, some with a sense of distance and unfamiliar, this is you Longing for and feelings of the opposite sex, or in other words, feelings.

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