Hello ~ I am a junior female student. My boyfriend is 12 years older than me. I am not married . We have been together for 2 years. Recently I had a strange dream. I dreamed that I had two with him. Children, all boys. The big one is like me, the character is more obedient, and the small one is very powerful and smart like him. He also taught the young son a lot of skills. In my dreams, I remember that the young son was very good. I like both of them, but I do n’t know why the eldest son ca n’t live alone. I do n’t remember the reason. I have to fit the younger son and go back to the younger son ’s body. Both of them are in the younger son. In one's body. Then I dreamed that I was crying with my eldest son who was about to fit. My husband was in the next room, and the youngest son was in front of me. I wanted to ask what this foreshadowed. He once told me that we would not get married within 3 years, because I was still a student at school, but once he also said that if we had a child and married immediately, he would have other women within two years together , But now it is broken, but the woman said to wait for him. I want to ask what is happening in my dreaming.

( Zhou Gongjie dream www.zgJm.org ) Dream interpretation : Dreaming dreams and having a child with him, the child can be understood as emotional results, expressing your desire to continue to develop with him in the relationship, at the same time, a deeper level These two sons reflect your relationship with him. The older son cannot live alone and needs to be fit with the younger son. It means that you are with him and you have a dependence on him, just like you ca n’t live without him. Similarly, the need to go back to the body of the younger son is to say that you see the two of you as a whole, and you are like a part of him. Both of them have their own character in the body of the younger son. Yes, in front of him, your ego is covered up by his feelings for him, and you focus all your attention on him, just as you have no character, all on him, crying with your elder son who is about to fit Here, it shows that while you have no self in front of your feelings, in your heart, you are also touched by this state, and you feel compassion for the parasite of your self. Feelings like gelatin are enviable, but at the same time, don't let too much self be covered.

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