Master, I have liked being alone for a long time. Yesterday, I dreamed that I was secretly going to QQ by someone alone, looking for any secrets in his QQ, but his friends didn’t find myself. I found his blog address, and I quickly opened it... but I didn’t see anything. Also. I used to dream of chatting with him on QQ, he said that he loved me very much and it was very painful. I woke up

( Dreamsmeaning Book official website ) Dream interpretation: secretly on his QQ, the expression means, in your heart, hope to have a deeper understanding of this person, look through his friends to find yourself, meaning, you want to know, in his heart, you are What it looks like, or how he feels and evaluates you, but did not find yourself. It means that in reality, you feel that you cannot get to know him smoothly, and you don’t know what you are in his heart. Location, quickly opened his blog, it shows that you are eager to learn more about him, and you don’t see anything. It also means that you feel that you haven’t been able to understand his heart as you expected. He said that he loves you very much and it is painful. This can be understood from two aspects. On the one hand, it is expressing your expectations, and you want him to say this to you in reality. On the other hand, it is a projection effect that will transfer your inner heart. Some voices are expressed through him, that is, in your heart, you have a good impression of him.

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