Hello Master. I often dream about going to a place by train, dreaming about being on a train, dreaming about a station, and often dreaming about water , a river, or a pond. I often swim freely in the water , the water is very good, and I often dream that I "light work" is very good, often jumping around on the roof or the wall.

( Zhou Gongjie dream www.zGjm.org ) Dream interpretation : All three dreams are short, without too many details, and it is not easy to analyze in detail. Generally speaking, the symbolic meaning is universal. Trains can indicate a social relationship, such as Relationships, work relationships, etc. can also represent a collective environment, such as a work environment, or an opportunity. You can take it, and it will take you from a state in your life to a new state, the station, ie The turning point for life is a milestone in the process of life development from one stage to the next. More specifically, you need to know from the people or things you saw on the train and the events you experienced. analysis.

Water, including rivers, lakes, and seas, is usually a symbol of emotion. Swimming in the water can be understood as bathing in emotional life.

"Light work" is good, it may be expressed. In real life, there are some situations that make you feel dissatisfied, and sometimes make you feel powerless. When such emotions appear, there are often abilities like "light work" in dreams. Here, I hope that I can strengthen my ability in a dream, get off the ground, and leave the reality that makes you dissatisfied.

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