Hello Master:

I want to ask you two dreams:

First, there was a strong wind and heavy rain outside. I ran to the room and saw the lights on (it was n’t clear whether it was day or night). The windows were open. The rain kept coming in. The baby was sitting alone on the bed and crying. However, my husband did n’t know where to go. I hurriedly closed the window, but found that my husband was outside the window (my house is on the 5th floor), and my two hands were resting on the edge of the window, as if I was repairing something outside. Afraid to ask her husband to come in quickly, but he refused, but closed the window from the outside, and then I saw him half-turned, one hand reaching for something similar to a cable extending out of the side, and suddenly his hand slipped. I fell down and gave two desperate yells, "Ah ~~~~ Ah ~~~~" I couldn't explain the horror and hurriedly opened the window to pull him, but I felt that I had too little time to hope. The miracle was me After grabbing his two arms, I desperately pulled him in, only I felt heavy, I pulled desperately ... Then I woke up and found that I was sweating and even the quilt and pillow were wet

Second, I dreamed that my husband bought a bag of vegetables to go home (the dream is not where I live now but in the old house). There are several vegetables and snakes in the bag. The husband gave me the bag, and I said I bought the snake specially, it was very good, and then I went out in a hurry. I took out the vegetables in the bag, and then prepared to deal with the snake. I saw that there were a lot of snakes , and they were still poisonous snakes, and my head was triangular. , But it ’s not big, it ’s about the same size as the yellow crickets that I usually eat, and then I grabbed a snake and scratched its head to take the snake venom (as the usual TV shows, the upper part of the snake's mouth was stuck in the mouth of the cup, Let it spray the venom into the cup), still thinking that the snake venom is good and the venom has sprayed out. If you accidentally get bitten, it won't be poisoned. Soon the snake venom is taken out, and I pick up the bag. Prepare to go to the kitchen to kill the snake (the snake venom is taken in the aisle), the bag is broken (the plastic bag), snakes are everywhere, I thought it was bad, and hurried to catch (in the dream, I'm still very sophisticated in catching snakes (I know I need to catch seven inches), but the snake skin is slippery, and some catch it again I slipped out, and I was in a mess, watching so many snakes crawling on the ground, and crawling to various rooms. I stepped on the snakes around me with my feet, but I could n’t catch them. Fortunately, someone came at this time. Help me to catch them. I finally caught the snakes, but I do n’t know who this person is. He only knows that he is a man. It seems like an acquaintance. The dreaming is over here. I woke up and wondered how I had So brave to get snakes

( Zhou Gongjie dream www.zGjm.org ) Dream interpretation : The first dream is mainly to reflect an uneasy mood. The reason for this mental state is that you realize that you put more thoughts on the baby, and relatively I neglected my husband, the room in the dream can be understood as a position in your center. In this position, you poured a certain amount of psychological energy, or in other words, caring, the light in the room reflects this, and the baby is in your heart. In this position, but your husband is outside, you feel that you have no place in this aspect of your heart, as if you are about to fall out of the window. The wind and rain outside the window are also when you realize The emotion I felt after this incident was anxious.

The second dream is mainly to describe the development of the relationship between you and your husband. The dream is in the old house, which means that in reality, the current state of life makes you feel uneasy, which may be related to the first dream. Baby Related to some psychological changes, so in the dream back to an earlier time, to seek some of the feelings that are now needed in his heart, a bag of vegetables and snakes bought by her husband is a symbol of feelings, dishes, and more prominent abstraction The "feeling" of the snake is more prominent in instincts and is related to sex. The process of handling snakes is a vivid description of your husband and wife life. On the way to the kitchen, the bag is broken. It can be understood that there are some fluctuations in your heart, and you have some small troubles that you need to solve. You are busy and confused, which shows that your small trouble is that you have a little mental strength and you are too busy in your relationship. At this time a man appears to help you. This image can be understood as what you feel in your heart, or the one you want to appear to help you sort out the chaos. Emotional person.

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