Question: I always show up in my parents' bedroom by myself, and there is no one in the room except me. May I ask, is this related to the fact that I still dare not touch my girlfriend?

Answer: Different from the nighttime scenery of daydreams, "Yimeng" is the most lingering, and it is also a broad road leading to people's subconsciousness of "sex". If you dream of yourself in the bedroom, even if the dream has nothing to do with "sex", it may be your subconscious mind reminding you of good fantasy or sentimental memories of sex. In addition, from the layout style of the bedroom, you can usually see your attitude towards sex. The following are three dream situations, which one do you have?

Dreaming of your parents’ bedroom is subject to the authority of traditional sexual concepts.

This may imply that your parents’ sexual concepts still affect you to a certain extent, making you afraid to satisfy your long-repressed sexual desire in real life.

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