Dream living dead What does it mean

In the dream, I do n’t know who was attending the memorial service, because the face of the deceased was very strange and I did n’t know it, but when I offered him flowers, he suddenly grabbed my hand! , Ran to the parents' room for help. [Female, 26 years old]

Dreamland analysis: Death in this dream is more symbolic of your special psychology. You may have a very important thing to solve, and it seems to be very troublesome. If you want to hide or escape, it may be flawed.

The death in the dream also symbolizes that you will have a very important change in real life. Death means to start again.

The dead symbolizes your past memories. This memory may be bad, but it may also be beautiful. No matter what, it must be a memory that you want to forget. A stranger in your dream grabs your hand, indicating that the problem you are trying to avoid has never been solved.

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