I am a female student and I am 19 years old. Last night I dreamed of repeating my senior year. In the previous classrooms, there were classmates who did not know, and some who did not. I dreamed that I was doing the problem.

(I just finished the exam, and my grades are in the middle level, but there is a high possibility that it will cause a collision. Now my heart is up and down every day. Hope to help, thank you very much !!!!)

( Zhou Gongjie Dreams Official Website ) Dream interpretation: Repeated reading reflects your concerns about the college entrance examination and future. In the previous classroom, it means that compared to the current unstable state of mind, you want to return to the relatively stable before Of the mental state, some students who know it, and some who do n’t, indicate that in the new stage of life they need to face, some are already familiar with them, and some are completely new. Metaphor refers to your current state of life. To you, it is a kind of experience, a test or a test, just like doing a question.

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