I am a female student, 19 years old this year. I dreamed of repeating my senior year in high school last night. In the previous classroom, there were classmates I knew and some I didn't know. Dreaming that I was doing a problem.

(I just finished the exam and my score is at a medium level, but it is very likely to crash. Now my heart is up and down every day. I hope to help, thank you very much!!!!)

( Dreamsmeaning Book official website ) Dream Interpretation Road: Repeat reading , reflecting your concerns about the college entrance examination and future. In the previous classroom, it means that compared with the current unstable mentality, you want to return to the previous kind of relatively more stable The mental state of some students who know him and others who don’t. It means that in the new life stage that he needs to face, some are familiar to him, and some are brand new. Metaphor refers to your current life state, for you, it is like doing a question, it is a kind of experience, a test or a test.

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