Last night I dreamed that I was in a castle, wearing not too rich and shabby clothes, standing in front of the window and watching the scenery outside. That window is so high, so high. . . . . I just passed the edge of the bottom of the window, and then I found that there was a high staircase next to me to reach the window (the lock of the old window). I was able to climb up happily and unlock the window lock. The wind outside was so strong that I was blown from the window to the castle's flagpole. I want to go down, I ca n’t go down, there are two people who come and go down, but they fell on the grass, and eventually went on horseback with others. . . I don't know what heralded. Please give me pointers.

The window in the dream also symbolizes the connection with the outside world and reflects the state of interaction with the outside world.

Dreaming of opening the window symbolizes acceptance of new ideas and information.

Dreaming of sitting by the window indicates that your stupid behavior will make you suffer.

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