What does it mean to dream about chess?

I don't know if there are magnet chess in real life, but I dreamt that I am playing magnet chess with others. Magnet chess has a great magnetic force. Every step you take, you have to use force to get the pieces. After a few games, it's quite tiring. (Male, 32 years old)

Dream analysis: The dream of playing chess represents the success after hard work. Dreaming of playing chess indicates that you are waiting for a plan and thinking about it repeatedly in your mind. Therefore, the scene of playing chess will appear in your dream. Dreaming of playing chess indicates that there will be twists and turns on the way forward. But as long as you can use your ingenuity, you will win.

If you dream of checkers, it is a symbol of travel and emotion. The plot of checkers appears in the dream, indicating that you are a more romantic person.

Dreaming of Gobang is a symbol of gift and strategy.

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