What does it mean to dream of becoming an offering

Dreamland: On a solemn and solemn occasion, the mage and Taoist are in their respective positions, preparing for a grand ceremony. The sun in the sky is bright and warm. Suddenly, the offering was carried out and put on the offering table high up. I almost yelled out that Hongpin was not anything else, but myself. (Male, 30 years old)

Dream analysis: This kind of dream indicates that you may encounter troubles, challenges, and grievances in your life or work... Someone you have offended is putting tremendous pressure on you, and you must take the initiative to restraint Your temper, otherwise, you will face greater difficulties. Patience is the only way out at this time; silence is the best and most powerful resistance. Although you cannot clarify your grievances for the time being, you have to believe that you are innocent.

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