Looking at the night sky, guarding the south window alone, I saw your rising from the east to the west. I think, at this moment, you have already caught up with the wind. The moon in the west and west of the dream indicates that there will be a crisis in love. Dreaming of the rising moon in the Middle East indicates good luck.

Dreaming that the moon is going down westward, there is a major crisis in love. Maybe love will break, or at least there is the possibility of long-term separation. The most important thing is to think more about the other person.

Dreaming of a sinking moon means that luck has declined.

Dreaming of the full moon rising in the east will show your grandeur. At this time, if you work harder or work harder, you will get better results. You, who are usually unknown, can be a blockbuster at this time.

To dream that the moon rises from behind the mountain, your friends are fortunate, and you will get help when you are in trouble. For example, when your pockets are empty and you don't even have money for a drink, a friend will treat you.

Dreaming that the moon rises from the horizon means rising wealth. You can live a good life every day. But don't waste it, otherwise the rising fortune will be lost.

Dreaming of moonlight shining through the window indicates that there will be new developments in love. If you have no friends of the opposite sex, you will have feelings with those around you. Think about it for yourself.

To dream of the moon during the day indicates that bad luck will happen. You may be ripped off by someone or entangled by a drunk, etc. It is best to go out as little as possible and live a quiet life at home.

Dreaming of walking on the moon is a good symbol of increased intelligence. The mind will become extremely clear; exams and doing things will also have good results and will be appreciated by others.

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