Looking at the night sky and keeping the south window alone, I saw your rise and fall. I think at this moment, you have already caught up with the wind. The moon in the west of the dream indicates that there will be a crisis in love. The rising moon in the Middle East heralds good luck.

Dreaming of the moon going west, there was a major crisis in love. If you don't do well, love will break, at least there is the possibility of long-term separation. The most important thing is to think more for the other party.

Dreaming of a sinking moon means that luck is falling.

Dreaming that the full moon will rise to the east, it will show great promise. At this time, if you work harder or work harder, you will have better results. You, who are usually obscured, can be astonishing.

Dreaming of the moon rising from the back of the mountain, friends get better, and they will get help when they are in trouble. For example, when your pockets are empty and you do n’t even have money for a drink, friends will treat you.

Dreaming of the moon rising from the horizontal line, the meaning of rising fortune. Everyday can be very generous. But don't waste it, otherwise the fortune rising will be lost.

Dreaming of moonlight shining through the window, there will be new developments in love. If there are no friends of the opposite sex, they will have affection with the people around them. Think about it yourself.

Dreaming that there is a moon during the day, it means that bad luck will happen. Maybe you will be ripped off or entangled by drunks. It is best to go out as little as possible and live a quiet life at home.

Dream of walking on the moon, a good symbol of increased intelligence. The mind will become extremely clear; examinations and work will also have good results and will be appreciated.

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