Life is like a cup of tea, and only those who can taste it know its value.

I am not a peony among thousands of flowers. I am just a wild flower. Although small, it adds a little bit of life to the earth.

A good book, a cup of fragrant tea, a sip of wine, and a cloud are all the meaning of life.

The blue sky can't conceal the tears I want to shed.

In the park, the poignant autumn scenery made me intoxicated...

The flowers have withered, why are the butterflies still flying?

Birds on the branches, why do you sing alone? Sad songs drifting away...

The heavy rain poured down like my uncontrollable tears. The gentle breeze blowing in the dream indicates that the love is going smoothly.

Dreaming of the gentle breeze blowing, love will develop further. If you want to get closer to the person you love in secret, don't hesitate to start an offensive. Contact method, it is best to use the phone, do not be discovered by the teacher!

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