I'm not with that girl in life. Is off-site.

I dreamed of going to her city this afternoon. See the train moving. Then the clip jumped to where I saw her. Wearing white clothes, I walked down her shoulders and talked while walking in the rain.

After a while, it became snowy. Saw a supermarket. She accompanied me to buy cigarettes because there was no staff on the counter saying there were only unbranded cigarettes in the background. So we went to the background. That aunt was dizzy with us. It turned out to give me more than half a cigarette. I carried her out of the supermarket and stopped on the sidewalk.

It became rain again . We are in the rain. As a result, it was seen that a small truck driver had a problem with the left front wheel of the car. The car was constantly driving on the road and it was very dangerous to turn the car. I wanted to avoid the car and hugged her in my arms to cross the sidewalk quickly. The last car collided with the other car and the driver dropped into a puddle on the ground. But no blood and damaged cars were seen.

Immediately after this time, the picture turned into the mother we called when we just entered the house. Then I brought 2 bowls of ravioli to me. It is said that chaos, security and metaphor mean security and safety. This dream came here because of computer music. The boy really didn't know what it meant and could only describe the dream in as much detail as possible. It is also puzzling. I also ask you for your guidance.

Zhou Gong interprets dreams : dreaming of walking with his lover in the rain indicates that love is easy to break. At this time, be careful not to quarrel with the lover, the quarrel will lead to the danger of separation.

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