Hello, master, I had a terrible dream yesterday. I dreamed that I was cooking, and I was cooking tofu. It was beige. I don’t know how to do it. There was also a baby in the pot (my relative’s child), also wrapped in beige cloth, showing only its head. . I didn't feel strange at the time. I vaguely remember that my mother told me that this was necessary, and if the temperature was too high, I would take the baby out (to live). Then I fry and fry (the temperature is very high), I suddenly found that Kuai tofu is very soft, as if it is empty inside! I suddenly remembered that baby I had not taken out yet! At that time, I was only a little surprised. A little bit scared, I took out the fast tofu, tore the skin, and found that it was the baby! His cloth stuck on because of the high temperature, and his body shrank to the size of normal tofu because of the high temperature! The body became purple-red, soft and disgusting, and more importantly, he died...I didn't feel scared at the time, and the relative didn't come to ask. Later, the relative gave birth to another one, so the scene of fried tofu appeared again! The second baby was fried to death~ or died like that! I remember the body of the second baby being purple and purple. Please help from the master. Thank you.

( Dreamsmeaning Book official website ) Dream interpretation: dreaming of cooking, cooking, cooking can be understood as a symbol of yourself here, cooking can be seen as you are gestating a hope in your own heart, a baby is a symbol of this hope, Tofu, food, can be understood as emotional food. It is used to supplement emotional nutrition. Stir-fry requires fire. Fire means energy. It means that you are using your mental energy to brew a hope for your feelings. Beige , Is the color of happiness and joy, wrapped in beige cloth, only showing the head, expressing this hope. In reality, it is just a rudiment, with only a few signs. If the temperature is too high, the baby will be taken out. This One plot means that it is necessary to make it a reality when it is brewed in the heart for a certain period of time. If it is not realized in time, the hope will die because it has not been realized because it has been brewed in the heart for too long. In other words, if you If you look forward to it with enthusiasm for a long time and it doesn’t come true, you will be disappointed. Later you find that the baby is dead, which means that it was not born in your heart and became a reality, and it shrank very small due to heat, which means that this Things have become a complex in your heart, making you unforgettable, unwilling, purple-red, is a strong passion, the color that is suppressed by the heart, that is, this kind of enthusiasm for expecting a wish to come true in your heart, because the wish cannot be realized When repressed, the following repetitions mean the same thing, and mean the degree of your effort. You tried very hard to make it a reality, but you didn't get what you wanted.

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