What does it mean to dream of an old man being cut into pieces

In my dream, I am going home after giving a speech in the hotel, and I hope to be able to travel with me. Suddenly, there were four young people like gangsters who couldn't help but walked up to grab the old man. Later, those people cut the old man into pieces, which was terrifying. I have just worked after graduation, and everything in reality is not as I imagined. I feel very helpless. (Male, 26 years old)

Dream analysis: Hotel speech reflects that you have no sense of belonging in the company, like a hurried passing by. The old man and the gangster represent their own two kinds of ideas that are struggling: the old man represents the yearning for "harmony", "unity", and "pure" corporate culture, while the gangster represents what he sees in reality. The situation of the company and the bullying of the old man by the gangsters just show that their previous ideals have been squeezed out by reality. Dreaming of the old man being cut into pieces is an expression of anxiety caused by the destruction of his own security.

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