What does it mean to dream that the old man was cut into pieces

In my dream, I was going home after a speech in the hotel, and I was looking forward to travelling together. Suddenly, there were four young people who couldn't help but say that they came to hold the old man. Later, those people actually cut the old man into pieces, which was terrifying. I just started working after graduation and everything in reality is not as imagined. I feel helpless. (Male, 26)

Dreamland analysis: Hotel speeches reflect that you have no sense of belonging in the company, like a hurrying passenger. The old man and the young man represent his two competing ideas: the old man represents the yearning for "harmony", "unity", and "pure" corporate culture, while the young man represents what he sees in reality. The situation of the company, bullying the old man, just shows that what he had previously dreamed of has been pushed out by reality. Dreaming that the old man was cut into pieces is an expression of the uneasiness brought about by the destruction of his own security.

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