Hello, I am a girl, 16 years old (aged), studying at school, and a student.

I dreamed of seeing me, my sister, and a guy and a girl walking together. Four people were side by side with their arms. I was on the side and next to the guy. As a result, when I was out of school, I saw a guy, the one next to me, as if I was a clone (but I was still holding him). Later, when I went to the street, I always entered a shop called "paper-cutting". Later the two girls bought a pair of trousers with orange round ornaments, but I didn't buy them, and the boy didn't know where to go. I don't remember anymore.

( Zhou Gong's official website for interpretation of dreams) Xie Meng said: You helped him to explain that you wanted to restrain him and wanted him to stay with you all the time, but also saw him walking, indicating that although you get close to each other, your heart is far away.

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