I dreamed that I broke a hole under the inexplicable left ear in the classroom, and then the blood flow continued. I grabbed some paper and covered it, and I didn't feel scared, so I went to the school infirmary, on the way I passed a piece of water. On the shore, I saw several college male classmates pulling a rope and killing a female college student (my nasty classmate), but I was not happy. Later I returned Help her organize her relics. Later, I went to the infirmary building and went in to see the doctor chatting with one person. There was no intention to stop. I stepped in and interrupted their talk. I told the doctor that a hole was broken under my ear. After hours of blood, the doctor looked at me in confusion. I asked the doctor how I broke it. The doctor said that the keyboard was broken. Then I looked at the doctor in confusion. Then, I woke up.

By the way, after I helped my classmates to collect the relics, one of my good college classmates gave her a rope and hung a pendant. There were two small diamonds on the pendant, and she also had exactly the same as me. I happily accepted it and hung it on my head. I asked her to wait for me in the classroom, so I went to the infirmary. Please help!

( Zhou Gong's official website for interpreting dreams ) Dream and said: dreamed left ear following the bloodshed , the left represents the past experience, the ears can be seen as a symbol of emotion, below the ears bleed, and may represent some past emotional side face to hurt you mind off the experience, to Going to the infirmary means that the soul needs to be soothed. When you see a girl killed by a boy on the way, it can be understood as an image of yourself in the past, an image of yourself not being too satisfied now, after experiencing some emotional things , Grow into a new self, just like the past self died , when you organize the relics, you get a pendant. This pendant is your evaluation and positioning of yourself. It means that through these experiences, you Growing up and gaining, two small diamonds, two, this number reflects to some extent that there are still some conflicts in the heart. The keyboard is broken. The image of the keyboard is a bit personal and difficult to judge. It may be related to communication.

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