Dreamland 1: I bet 30 yuan with someone I do n’t know, and I was given 50 yuan of fake money. I also wanted to get 20 for him. I did n’t find any money and gave him 50 yuan of fake money. , The man said, "I'll give you tomorrow" and then left

Dreamland 2: I dreamed that I would buy something for a person, and that person left after giving me money, but after he left, I found out that all he gave me was fake money, and that money did n’t seem to be at all Renminbi, although it is also red ... I would like to know why ...

www.zgJm.org Dream interpretation:

Thinking day by day and dreaming at night, you must have been plagued by economic problems recently. You are afraid of credit, so you are cautious about using money, and this subconscious reflection is reflected in your dreams. What I want to tell you is that everything goes with nature, but please be ashamed.

Dreaming of receiving fake money means that my life is too depressed, and I will be anxious to find a job for money.

Businessmen dreamed of collecting fake money, which means that the economy has been relatively tight recently.

Dreaming of counterfeit currency means that you will be in conflict with a fake person who is not worth dating.

This dream means bad luck, if you don't want to be unlucky, you have to find a way to avoid it.

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