Hello Master: The day before yesterday, I had a dream. I dreamed of playing in the river, and suddenly I saw a small fish, weighing more than 1 catty. At that time, I didn't know that I had a small fish net in my hand. I reached for my net, and at this time, there were more fish around me. My daughter who I remember also hugged one (only 3 years old) and my mother caught one. There were more fish and they jumped on the water. They are all big. After that, we took the net to catch fish . Net small is the net of goldfish. We catch fish by hand and net. When caught 4-5. My daughter woke me up. Some say it's a good dream, some say it's just a dream. But fish I rarely dream of so many such big fish. Please explain it. Thank you! Forgot to tell the master that I am a woman. Married, 3 years old.

( Dream Dictionary official website ) dream and said: river here can be seen as the emotional world, fish, expressed happiness in the hands of small nets, female symbol, represented here as a woman of your own mind about their feelings, little, fishing Fish , expressing some of her feelings or wishes in sexual life. The daughter in your dream is a part of your heart like your daughter. Young and innocent has similar meaning to small fishnets. Feelings of happiness or need.

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