I am 23 years old. I am a salesman, unmarried, half-hearted, I like reading, sleeping, and surfing the Internet. I have ordinary relationships and I am alone.

Yesterday I had a dream. The river was soaring with rain. The lake surface was formed in the two mountains. The bridge on the river was similar to the overpass. The water just flooded the lowermost bridge surface. I walked across the lower layer of the bridge to the other side. Went to the opposite mountain, and when I went back, I heard someone said that the bridge was about to be swept by the water, and then I saw the bridge started to sway from side to side. At this time, I was on the shore thinking that the bridge would not cross. Suddenly the bridge crossed me I fell down, but didn't hold me back. I happened to be in the gap between the bridges! I thought I would go back and the bottom layer of the bridge was still there. Then I walked over. In the past, many people were running. I was impressed by the man holding the amputated child .

( Zhou Gong's official website for interpreting dreams ) Xiemeng Road: Raining rivers skyrocketed, indicating the coming of something related to emotions, bridge, refers to the transition, the path from one state to another, like an overpass, indicating the complexity of the path, multiple paths Or, multiple choices. I heard that the bridge is about to be washed down by water. This means that you feel that this multiple choice situation is about to be destroyed. After that, all the bridges above it are destroyed, leaving only one layer close to the water surface. With multiple choices, you can only follow this path exclusively. Seeing many people running means that you feel that everyone around you is anxious to complete the transition to this state. At the same time, you are also in this group. An amputated child, a child, refers to a part of your heart full of hope and great development potential. It can also be understood as the beginning of development in a certain matter. It is related to emotional relationships. Amputation is a symbol of mental castration. You feel that a certain part of a complete state of your emotions has been forced to give up, and the overpass in front is broken. There is only one way to express the same meaning. It looks like something is broken. A bad thing, but to focus on a choice, perhaps even more important that you concentrate on the development of a good thing.

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