Dreaming of a turtle crawling into the home

Dreaming of a turtle is a symbol of longevity and stability. If the turtle crawls into your home, this is a great lucky dream, and it is also a sign of economic and life improvement. Positions will be promoted, with rights and wealth.

Dreaming of Turtles (Turtles)

When you see a turtle in a dream, if the turtle is swimming , it means that you will have hard things happen and you must be mentally prepared. And if it is dreaming to ride a turtle to the Dragon Palace, it will cause unpleasant things.

Dreaming of a tortoise being abused

Dreaming of turtles being beaten and bullied, this means that you are currently being oppressed at work, maybe seniors or colleagues do not want to deal with you, or are excluded. In addition, there are representatives of companies that may cause financial problems due to failure of machinery or financial tools.

Dreaming of a turtle means good luck.

Woman dreams about turtles- Zhou Gong interprets dreams to guard against thieves and robbers. · A man dreams of a tortoise-good luck. Tourists dream of turtles-they will stay in cities far from home for a period of time. · Businessmen dream of turtles-they can do business abroad.

Dreaming of fishing for turtles, good luck will come to you automatically. · Staff dream of fishing for turtles, will be promoted and will be paid. Businessmen dream of fishing for turtles, and business will profit.

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