Dreaming of a tortoise crawling into the house

Dreaming of a tortoise is a symbol of longevity and stability. If a tortoise crawls into your house, this is a great lucky dream and a sign of a better economy and life. It means that you will have a large amount of property income, or The position will be promoted, power and wealth will have both.

Dreaming of a sea turtle (turtle)

Seeing a sea turtle in a dream, if the sea turtle is swimming , it means that you will have difficult things to happen, and you must be mentally prepared. And if you dream of riding a turtle to the Dragon Palace, it will be unsatisfactory.

Dream of tortoise being abused

To dream of a tortoise being beaten and bullied means that you are currently being bullied at work. Maybe your seniors or colleagues do not want to interact with you or be excluded. In addition, some representative companies may cause financial problems due to malfunctions of machines or wealth-generating tools.

Dreaming of a tortoise means good luck.

A woman dreams of a tortoise- Dreams meaning Book must beware of thieves and robbers. ·A man dreams of a tortoise-good luck. ·The tourist dreams of a tortoise-will stay in a city far from home for a period of time. ·The businessman dreams of a tortoise-he can go abroad to do business.

Dreaming of fishing for a tortoise means good luck will come automatically. ·When the staff dreamed of fishing turtles, they would get promoted and raise their salary. ·Businessmen dream of fishing turtles, business will be profitable.

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