I feel that the more common dreams, the harder it is to understand. For example: lost teeth , flew, naked people were seen, chased by ghosts. Many people do it every day and don't know why.

The key flying dream is often a self-confidence, which can be confirmed. But later I found that suspension is different from flying. The dream of suspension comes from the experience in the womb before birth. When your muscles are relaxed, room temperature is comfortable, and you feel safe, you will dream of suspension. It is the same as suspended in warm amniotic fluid in the womb. In addition, there is one, the occasional dream of flying is related to the memory of sexual pleasure. There is also a related case.

The dream of being seen naked ( Zhou Gongjie dream www.zGjm.org ) I had dreamed about it before, but I did n’t explain it myself. Can't think of why. The common feature of this dream is that you are naked, your sexual organs are seen, and then you are very nervous and shameful. It was a very unpleasant experience.

The cause of this problem has not been confirmed. I think it has something to do with human origin. I haven't been able to figure out why there is no hair on humans alone. There is a book called "Naked Ape". Moreover, once you have no clothes on your body, you will feel nervous and insecure. What kind of collective subconsciousness comes from this nude tension?

Let's suppose that (the basic idea is stated in the book Naked Ape), for a while, people walk down the tree and go to the beach to find something to eat. Then because of traveling in shallow water, the resistance of the hair is great. Then it faded. Same as the dolphin. Then thanks to the buoyancy of the water and the need for breathing, the person started walking upright.

Well, the ape that has lost its hair. I think I may have adapted to life in shallow water, so if I suddenly came to the shore, how would I react? Anyone who swims knows that if they swim for a long time, they will feel very ill if they lose their buoyancy. Heavy, almost unstoppable feeling. Legs are weak.

This is my first hypothesis. Aquatic apes come out of the water and feel unsteady when they lose buoyancy. This is the origin of many common dreams in which their legs are weak and they cannot walk well.

The second hypothesis, another common dream, is chased by oneself , but can't run. It is also derived from this collective subconscious. Because many terrestrial beasts ambush aquatic apes on the shore.

The third hypothesis is that a person dreams that he is naked and then very insecure. It is also related to this ancestral experience. Because only when they are ashore, talents will find themselves naked. It is advantageous to be naked in the water. When there is no water, there is less armor to defend.

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