Dreaming about strange dreams: I had a strange dream last night, I couldn't find it online, so write it down for everyone to understand, thank you ~

The scenario is this: I dreamed about me, a young girl and a young boy (all of my age), a middle-aged person, a professor, five of us. After all , what has been chased by spiders , I have forgotten, anyway, we are chased by a large group of spiders. Spiders are large and small, just like in a Harry Potter movie where Harry is chased by a group of spiders. Those spiders chased five of us, and it seemed that someone was operating.

We ran and ran. In the city, we shuttled between floors. In the end, the middle-aged man and the professor were surrounded by spiders one by one, and they seemed to be eaten. After that, I went with the girl and parted ways with the boy. We hid in a yard, and a lot of blank paper dangled from the top to the bottom of the building. It seemed to write something (forgotten). It basically means that the yard has been plagued. People are dead. These It was written in memory of those who died.

Later, the spider chased into the yard, and I said to the girl: No way, I was out. We each held a wide white bar with the words on it. Then the spiders came around, but kept spinning around at their feet. They couldn't get on my body. They turned faster and faster, and then they were all broken down. Then a water came to flush the spiders' bodies into the sewer. Most of the spiders retreated and disappeared. The girl and I breathed a sigh of relief. After letting go of the note, the white note turned red, just like the color of the red paper washed by rain.

I want people who know how to interpret dreams to see, what does this mean, am I getting sick?

( Zhou Gongjie dream www.zGjm.org) Dream interpretation:

Some people say that dreaming about spiders may be sick, and some people say that dreaming about spiders is auspicious. But this dream has nothing to do with either.

This is a dream related to women's menstrual reactions. The menstrual reaction makes you feel uncomfortable. This uncomfortable feeling is reflected in the subconscious dream.

Dreamer: You are so amazing. I happened to be here when I was dreaming ~ I hope I won't get sick

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