The living person died and lived, but the dead person lay on his back and was puzzled?

( Zhou Gongjie dream www.zGjm.org) Dream of the deceased person:

Dreaming about the dead indicates that you intend to forget some unpleasant past events and prepare to stand up from frustration again. do not be afraid.

If the dream is happy, this is an auspicious dream; if it is sad and serious, there will be accidents.

Dreaming about the resurrection of the dead If dreaming of a dead father coming back, it means there will be controversy among family members.

If you dream of a dead friend, it means that material difficulties will occur.

Dreaming of the dead coming out of the coffin, a sign that friends who have not been in contact for a long time will come suddenly.

Dreaming of talking to the dead shows that some small wishes can be achieved, that things that are in progress will succeed, or things that are being discussed will have good news.

But if the dead cry in the dream, it means that everything is not going well. The wish cannot be achieved.

Dreaming of the fortunate sign that the dead will enter the home.

Dreaming that he was holding a corpse , Zhou Gong explained that this is a great fortune and has good fortune: if the corpse smells bad, the business will be more prosperous, if it is a dead corpse, it will be a great profit, and it may make a fortune.

Dreaming of holding a skull means that you will be slandered or deceived.

Dreaming of his death means that the property will be more and more, all good luck.

Dreaming of someone's death If you dream of the death of a living friend, you will have good luck.

Dreaming of a funeral indicates that money will be lost or ruined. (But if you dream about the funeral of your death, it will be great.) Dream and cremation indicates that good things can be expected.

I dreamed that I would attend a funeral to hang or remember the deceased, indicating that I would be pregnant or that some close relatives would have children .

Apparently a dead person (usually a relative or friend) appears in a dream, just like he is engaged in various activities with us when he is alive. The primitive people thought that what appeared in the dream was the "soul" of the deceased. This is of course too mysterious. However, Freud believes that this kind of dream is the "visualization of concepts" in the dreamer's mind, and the dreamer thinks, "If my father is alive, what will he say about this?" But if he cannot express " If ", it can only make the deceased reappear on the stage of the dream. For example, a young man who obtained a large legacy from his grandfather squandered the legacy. When he was remorseful, his grandfather reappeared alive in his dream, asking him, accusing him of not being so extravagant. This is the image of "if my grandfather knows something underground".

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