Dream child dead dream child what does this mean?

Analyzed from the perspective of psychology, you always dream of children, it is that you have not grown up in your heart, and it has nothing to do with the existence of a villain. If you dream of a child again, you have to take care of her carefully, because the child in the dream is the epitome of yourself. Through your care, the child will grow up slowly, and the number of times you dream about the child will gradually decrease. The character of the child in your character will gradually change.

(by Dreamsmeaning Book official website ) Dream interpretation of "dreaming about children":

Dreaming of a newborn child walking upright, and immediately after his performance was announced, he was well received.

To dream that a child is dying or missing, the existing obstacles and worries are eliminated, and gradually settle down and develop signs.

Dreaming that a newborn baby is urinating and defecate, which implies that unlucky things are waiting for you, and that you may experience unpleasant things or unlucky things due to trusted people.

Dreaming of a naked man stroking a baby is a dream that implies that something bad happened.

Dreaming of a child who looks shabby, unclothed, and can't eat enough to eat, if he is lucky during this period, it implies that he will start to go downhill in the future.

To dream of seeing a child burned to death by a fire , but oneself can only stomped in anxious scenes weakly. Things that go smoothly are in trouble and face worry of losing everything, or due to property or disadvantage, even serious injury or loss of life Danger.

To dream of following a child you don’t know while walking implies that no matter how hard you work, it will not help you and the difficulties will remain.

Dreaming of a child you don’t know calling yourself a grandparent or parent in front of you, and you take him into your arms. You are misunderstood or involved in something irrelevant. You feel aggrieved, but it is difficult to vent your meaning.

To dream of a child playing or sleeping on your chest or stomach indicates a dream of headaches or burdens that you cannot get rid of. No matter how hard you try, you can’t get results and your energy is in vain.

Dreaming of a child with mutilated hands or feet or an incomplete face will suddenly encounter difficulties in the advancement, and the probability of ending in failure is high.

To dream of becoming a child and crying implies that you are facing an unavoidable reality and you can only accept it unconditionally. If you have such a dream when everything goes well, it implies that unpleasant things will happen in the future.

Dreaming of a crying child, things encountered signs of frustration and depression, depression. Because I don't have the ability and confidence to solve this problem, I will face a difficult situation.

Dreaming of a traffic accident, pulling the child’s body from the bottom of the car, is a sign that the troubles caused by the child have been easily resolved during this period of time. In other words, the time has come to boldly challenge your new self.

Dreaming of a child being injured or sick and anxious. If the child in the dream is your own child, it indicates that an accident or illness will happen. If it is an unmarried person or a person without children, it implies that the things being advanced will encounter difficulties.

To dream of the child's body in the coffin indicates that your own affairs are recognized by others.

Dreaming that the child next to him disappears, a sign that the distressed and worried problem has been solved.

To dream that the soul brings a newborn baby or suddenly a baby appears in front of oneself. This is a fetal dream of being born and becoming a highly educated person in the future.

Dreaming of the birth of your child, a sign of making money or making a profit. Moreover, it is possible to become pregnant .

Dreaming of a likable child talking or opening the door to enter the house, there will be a financial profit or a happy dream such as the birth of a child or pregnancy.

Dreaming of following a woman holding or carrying a child is a sign of a fierce quarrel with others over trivial matters.

To dream of a child delivering a letter to you is a sign of quarreling with others over trivial matters.

Dreaming of a child crying, life gradually becomes difficult, worrying things appear, and a bad omen of difficult livelihood.

To dream of a child getting sick or body aches, suffering losses due to other people's slander, slander, etc., experiencing signs of hardship.

Dreaming of the child's body shrinking indicates that the child in the dream is accompanied by bad luck.

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