Dream child dead dream child what does this mean?

From the perspective of learning from the heart, you always dream of children. It is because you have not grown up in your own heart, and it has nothing to do with a villain. If you dream of a child again, you need to take care of her carefully, because the child you dream of is your own microcosm. Through your care, the child will slowly grow up, and the number of times you dream of the child will gradually decrease. The character of children in your character will slowly change.

(by Zhou Gongjie dream official website www.zGjm.org) About the dream interpretation of "dreaming about children":

I dreamed that my newborn child was walking upright, and immediately after his results were announced, he was well received.

Dreaming of the death or disappearance of a child, the existing obstacles and fears are eliminated, and signs of gradual stabilization and development.

Dreaming that a newborn baby is having a pee, this is a hint that something unlucky is waiting for you. You may experience unpleasant or unlucky things because of someone you trust.

Dreaming of a naked man stroking a baby, this dream is a dream that implies something unlucky.

If a child who dreams of shabby looks, undressed clothes, and unbelievable food, has good luck during this time, then it means that he will start going downhill in the future.

I dreamed of watching a child burned to death by a fire , but I could only lame and anxious. I went into trouble and faced all the worries of losing everything, or because of property and unfavorable reasons, even severely injured or killed Danger.

Dreaming of walking with an unknown child while walking, suggesting that no matter how hard you try, it will not help, and the difficulties will remain.

Dreaming of an unidentified child calling himself grandparents or parents, the situation where you took him into your arms, was misunderstood or involved in something irrelevant, deeply grieved, but difficult to vent.

Dreaming that there is a child playing or sleeping on his chest or stomach, showing a headache or a ridiculous burden of dreams, no matter how hard you try, it means no effort and no effort.

Dreaming of a child with a broken hand or foot or incomplete face, the advancement suddenly encounters difficulties, and the possibility of ending in failure is very high.

Dreaming that he was crying as a child, implying that he could only accept it unconditionally when facing an unavoidable reality. If such a dream is made with all things going well, it implies that something unpleasant will happen in the future.

Dreaming of a crying child, signs of depression, depression and depression. Because of their inability and self-confidence to resolve this matter, they will face difficult situations.

Dreaming of a traffic accident, pulling the child's body from the bottom of the car, this is a symptom that the child's troubles can be easily resolved since this time. That said, the time has come to challenge the new self boldly.

Dreaming of a child who is hurt or sick and anxious. If the child in the dream is his own child, it is an indication of an accident or illness. If it is an unmarried person or a person without children, it implies that the things going forward will encounter difficulties.

I dreamed that the child's body was in the coffin , and it was a sign that his own thing was recognized by others.

Dreams that the child beside him disappears, and the signs of distress and worry are resolved.

Dreaming that the soul brought a newborn baby or a baby suddenly appeared in front of him, this is the birth dream of being a learned person in the future.

Dream of your child being born, making money or profiting. Moreover, it is possible to become pregnant .

Dreaming of a pleasant child talking or opening the door to enter the house, there is something that is profitable in money or a happy dream such as the birth of a child or pregnancy

Dreaming of a woman who came over and held a child or carried a child , this was a sign of fierce quarrels with others due to small things.

Dream of a child passing you a letter, a sign of quarrels with others over trivial matters.

Dreaming of a child crying, life gradually becomes hard, there are worrying things, and the omen of a difficult life.

Dreaming of a child getting sick or having physical pain, suffering losses due to slander, slander, etc.

Dreaming of a child's atrophy means that the child in the dream is accompanied by doom.

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