Women often represent motherhood in their dreams. In dreams, strange women often represent their need for maternal care. It's not that dreaming of interacting with a stranger means that you have thoughts of cheating, but it may be because you lack a feeling of caring for others. If they are all of the same sex, everyone is often called brothers and sisters, and they are very casual. But for the opposite sex, many people will have a performance of taking extra care of her. In other words, this is the fatherhood corresponding to motherhood.

Dreaming of interacting with strange women:

Dreaming that you are dating a strange woman indicates that there will be disasters around you, which may cause serious economic losses to yourself.

Dreaming of your boyfriend’s relationship with a strange woman indicates that you are more affectionate with your boyfriend.

Dreaming of someone interacting with a strange woman indicates that there will be problems in your interpersonal relationship, and you should pay attention to your own tongue.

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