Master, I'm unmarried, female.

Yesterday I dreamed that my phone screen showed a song hall

Let me show my colleague that the karaoke hall where you look at the screen is really the same

Looking at the level, I seem to be in the karaoke hall. There are two rows in front.

I said what to do empty, and then someone was seated

Until the basic seat filled, and some people went out, like the toilet look

Disappeared in the corner, I know they do n’t seem to be human

I also know that it ’s not a toilet, it ’s just a place in the karaoke hall.

I look like people, I think they may only see things they ca n’t touch.

Out of curiosity, I touched one of them

Turned out to be true

Slowly, I do n’t know when the middle of the karaoke hall became a square pool.

I took chopsticks and a bowl and said I would give a grandma meat

And grandma is not my real grandma

I do n’t know, I was still thinking in my dreams, give it to my grandma before she finished

I started to catch mushrooms and later saw ribs

Later I saw the whole fish swimming

There is also fishbone swimming, there is no more meat

But I did n’t catch the fish, because the spoon in my hand could n’t catch the big fish swimming.

I was thinking, I am almost already swimming , can I go in and catch it?

Later, I thought wrong, the water in this pond was hot

Can't go in

That's it, I woke up

Please help me understand the dream, thank you.

( Zhou Gong's official website for interpreting dreams ) Dream interpretation: The mobile phone can be understood as your ego, and the singing hall displayed on it can be understood as your inner side and the ego side. When you go deep into it, you are searching deeply in your heart. At the beginning, The first two rows of seats are empty, which means that you feel empty and vacant in your heart, and hope that you can fill this vacancy and go to the toilet, which may indicate both sex and emotional and psychological energy. Venting, and discovering that they are not humans, reflects a sense of alienation, that is, because they are not willing or willing to accept certain things, they are rejected, just as they are not humans, and this This sense of rejection is related to the venting of sex, or emotions analyzed earlier. To be more straightforward, the meaning of this plot is that because you cannot accept and are unwilling to face some concepts, you are so rejective that you cannot Release some of your own emotions or gender-related mental energy well. The middle of the karaoke hall has become a square pool. The pool can be understood here as your emotional world. Holding chopsticks and a bowl, it means that you are preparing to draw emotional nutrition from your own emotional world, enjoy your emotional life, and the food you take out of the pool is to reflect your need for emotional life. The image of grandma can be like this Comprehension, that is, you feel that there is an old and inactive side of your heart, just like your grandmother, to a certain extent, reflects your self-pity, swimming fish bones, and reflects your feeling of exhaustion, If you ca n’t catch fish, you are expressing your feelings about reality. You feel that you are not able to enjoy the emotional life you want. You want to jump into the pool of water, but think that the pool of water is hot, which reflects that your heart is like this pool of hot water The same enthusiasm can't be released, and it will hurt his own heart.

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