I am 16 years old and single. A bit self-enclosed. The personality seems a little depressed and negative.

One day I dreamt that I was at home (the real home is very ordinary, with two rooms and one living room. But the home in the dream is very big, like a villa), I watched someone break into my home on the monitor, and I went quickly The door was closed, but the house was too big and there were too many doors, and it couldn't be closed at all. The person was about to break in. I woke up in shock.

Another dream is, dreaming of me being with my sister and her boyfriend, and then in the dream I found that someone was following us, as if he was still preparing to attack me, but the sister was there so he didn’t dare (don’t know why I don’t think my sister dare to hurt me when he is there. In my dream, I just take this as a fact.) Later, when my sister left, the man came and attacked me. When her boyfriend found out, he counterattacked him and hit him in the eye. Splashed out. As a result, the man ran away and told her boyfriend (the man in the dream attacked me clearly, and I don’t know why he had to say this to him) while running and said, I will not let you go, I will put you in jail . .

( Dreamsmeaning Book official website www.zgjm.org) Dream interpretation: The home in the dream can be understood as your inner world. In your heart, there is a state of this. It is like a villa, spacious, gorgeous, and very beautiful. Feeling that someone breaks in at home means that you feel that your heart is being invaded by others, or some foreign ideas, etc., and you want to close the door. It means that you want to defend your heart, but you are too busy. It reflects the lack of security in your heart. At the same time, the house is too big, and it also reflects that your inner world is a little beyond your control, and you feel a little lost. Try to make your inner world closer to reality and to the real situation of the external environment, which may reduce your feelings of anxiety and loss to a certain extent.

The second dream, the image of the sister in the dream, is a part of the image in your heart that is separated from your ego. The image of the same sex who is older than you like your sister is used to protect your ego and is a part of your heart. This kind of defense mechanism is working. In your heart, the image of this sister, in addition to the protective effect, also has a certain restraint and restraint effect. Sneak attack, here is a kind of emotional impact, this kind of impact. It comes from your devotion to the emotional energy of the opposite sex, that is, some of the energy in your heart, began to be used more on the opposite sex. This is a normal phenomenon in growth, but because this is a kind of past brought about by inner growth Feelings that you have never experienced before need to change slowly and adapt slowly, so at this time, there is a feeling of being violated in your own inner. And sister, it has a restraining effect, so that your psychological energy in this area is affected to a certain extent. Control, so in the dream, if the sister is there, the other party will not start. Where does the conflict in the fighting scenes come from? It comes from the transformation of the role in your heart. As you grow up, your role is changing from being in front of the opposite sex to a certain degree. The younger generation who relies on emotions, such as the sister in front of the older sister’s boyfriend, transforms into a peer of the opposite sex, such as the partner. There may not really be emotional relationships in reality. What is more prominent here is the transformation of inner emotional mode, which is a manifestation of psychological growth. , I won’t let you go. I will put you in jail. This is where you are in two conflicting roles. You need to put one of them in jail temporarily, that is, be suppressed in order to keep your heart temporarily. In this period of psychological transition, I think that the two roles alternately appear and "go to jail" alternately, and eventually they will completely transition to a more mature psychological state.

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