I am 16 years old and single. A little self-closing. Personality seems a bit depressed and negative.

One day I dreamed that I was at home (the real home is very ordinary, just two rooms and one living room. But the home in the dream is very large, it seems to be a villa). I saw someone coming into my house on the monitor, and I went quickly The door was closed, but the house was too big, too many doors, and it couldn't be closed at all, and that person was about to break in. I was scared.

Another dream is that I dreamed that I was with my sister and her boyfriend, and then in the dream, I found that someone was following us and seemed to be ready to fight against me, but the sister was here so he did n’t dare (do n’t know why I felt that my sister didn't dare to hurt me when he was in the dream. I just took it as a fact in the dream). Later, my sister went away and that person came to attack me. When her boyfriend found it, he hit him back and hit him with blood. Splashed out. The results man ran away, ran to her boyfriend (the dream is obviously a personal attack that I do not know why these words to him) said, I will not let you, I will let you go to prison in .

( Zhou Gong's official website www.zgjm.org) Dream interpretation: The home in the dream can be understood as your inner world. In your heart, there is this state. It is like a villa, spacious, gorgeous, and beautiful. Feeling someone intruding in the house means that you feel your heart is being intruded by others, or some external ideas, etc., and want to close the door, which means you want to defend your heart, but you ca n’t get over. It reflects the lack of security in your heart. At the same time, the house is too big, and it also shows that your inner world is beyond your control and a little lost. Trying to make your inner world closer to reality and the real situation of the external environment may reduce the anxiety and disorientation in your heart to a certain extent.

The second dream, the image of the sister in your dream, is a part of the image in your heart that is separated from your self. The image of the same sex as your elder sister is older than you. It is used to protect your self. It is one of your heart. This kind of defense mechanism is at work. The image of this sister, in addition to your protection, also has certain restrictions and restraints. A sneak attack is here to express an inner shock of emotions. This kind of shock From the pouring of your emotional energy towards the opposite sex, that is, some of the energy in your heart starts to be used more for the opposite sex. This is a normal phenomenon in growth, but because it is a kind of previous Feelings you haven't experienced need to change and adapt slowly, so you have a feeling of being violated at this time, and your sister has played a restrictive role, so that your mental energy in this area will be affected. Control, so in the dream, if the sister is there, the other party will not start. Where does the conflict reflected in the fighting scenes come from, and the role change in your heart, as you grow, My role is changing from a younger person with a certain emotional dependence in front of the opposite sex, such as a younger sister in front of my sister and boyfriend, to a lower-level opposite sex, such as an object of interaction. In reality, there may not really be a relationship. What is more prominent here is The transformation of the inner emotional model is a manifestation of psychological growth. I will not let you go. I will put you in jail. Here are two of your conflicting roles. You need to temporarily put one in jail. That is to say, it is necessary to be suppressed to maintain a temporary stability in the heart. During this period of psychological transition, I think that the two roles will alternate and "go to jail", and will eventually completely transition to a more mature psychological state.

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